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Delete Id Visa Type (1) Visa Start Date Visa End Date Name of the Course Visa was issued for Institution Name Level of Study (2) Course Start date (3) Course End date Qualifications completed whilst on this visa eg. PGDip, BSc, MSc

(1) e.g. Tier 4 Student, Student Visitor, Student visa, Tier 1 Post Study Work visa
(2) e.g. Please include the NQF level, or if you studied English Language Course the CEFR level e.g. B1 or B2. The level of Study will be stated on previous CAS Statements.
(3) Please state the actual course start date. This may be different to what is stated on the course CAS statement.

If any of the following apply to you, please give a detailed explanation in the Notes box below:

  1. There are gaps in your immigration history;
  2. You have failed to complete a course that you were sponsored for;
  3. You completed a course for which you were not orginally sponsored for;
  4. Any further relevant information you would like to state

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21 Nov 2018